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    Survey launches trials

    ALUMARINE shipyard performs sea trials of 2 hydrographic launches designed for Congo river survey.

    REF : 06 - 2013 Workboats

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    RUSSIA #2
    A new MISTRAL 950 in progress

    Dionis SPINEY, St Petersburg, is building a new MISTRAL 950.
    Hull is already overturned.

    REF : 10-2012-MISTRAL 950

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    RUSSIA #1
    LC40 hit the water in MOSCOW

    Den VAKAR and his team at OSTYACHT Shipyard launch his Class 40 LC40.
    Mast and rig will be set in spring.

    REF : 09-2012-LC40

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    OCEAN 35 at Grand Pavois Boatshow

    OCEAN 35 unveiled during Grand Pavois Boatshow at La Rochelle.
    " Huge width, big draught, lightweight, weight centering: this make Ocean 35 a planning yacht, reliable and always fast"

    REF : 09-2012 OCEAN 35

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    SILLINGER 1200 extensively tested

    Intense sea trials for multipurpose RIB SILLINGER 1200. See video: here

    REF : 02 - 2012 SILLINGER RIB

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    SEAFRET 35 project

    Engineering design for SEAFRET 35 Saliing Cargo Ship intended for inter-coastal shipping in the Caribbean. Project consistency allows significant energy savings. Project supported at 70% by ADEME and FEDER funds

    REF : 12-2011 Workboat

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    MiniCP first sail

    MiniCP first sail and first surf in north of France. "She is very pleasant and fast, well balanced. I can get back the same feeling as on my previous full carbon mini" skipper/builder said.

    REF : 10-2011 MiniCP

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    Jxx38' sea trials

    Launch and succesfull sea trials for trawler catamaran Jxx 38'.

    REF : 08 - 2011 Motorboats

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    MISTRAL 950 first sail

    Launching and first sail for MISTRAL 950 during 2 weeks family cruising.

    Roomy, bright and airy inside accomodations are really designed for cruising programm. The lifting keel enable to moor everywhere.

    Deep ballast and XXL sail area give her the astonishing performances of Classe950s: sharp and light, they are very pleasant to steer.

    REF : 08-2010 MISTRAL 950

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    First sail for TP44

    First sail for TP44: she loves strong winds and sail by oneself at 7/8 knts upwind.
    Reaching is her favourite way to sail, averaging at 9/10 knts.
    Helm is smooth and hyper-efficient
    Great comfort inside with 360° view when sitting at chart table.

    REF : 03-2010 TP 44

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    LCC 40'' hit the water!

    Launching and first sail for LCC 40'' "Sinequanon".
    After 9 years (!) of work, her builder could taste the pleasure of first sailing: "A real Citroën DS: fluidity, power, comfort, speed".
    This skilled homebuilder (no more an "amateur" now) built her just like an experienced shipyard.
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    Mistral 950 at AMC-Marine

    Mistral 950: building in progress at AMC-Marine shipyard. Launching expected in spring.
    Please note the chined bottom becoming a round bilge at transom for better reaching planning waterlines.
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    Mini CP

    Work in progress.
    Focus on MiniCP''s "strakes" like on Open 60'' or VOR 70'' (well, vice versa I mean: they have strakes like MiniCP, designed in 2005).
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    Hermine 51'' Kauana first sail

    Top speed of 12 knots during first sail trial for this offshore long passage pure centerboarder.
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    TenderFish 28''

    Birth of Tenderfish 28'' a new fishing motorboat build by Black Pepper.
    Designed for max speed in rough seas.
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    Aventurin 51''

    Pictures of amateur building
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    Bryan COOKE''s website

    Bryan COOKE build in Auckland, NZL, a LC40'' meeting the OSR Cat 0 requirements.

    Just ''Get on Board''
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    No man is a prophet in his own country

    A new LC40'' soon beeing build. Where? In France?
    No, in Moscow, Russia!
    She''ll have comfortable inside accomodations and a lifting keel in her strip-planking hull.
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    TP 44

    New design: Twin-keel cruiser

    length: 13,50 m.

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    Mini CP

    Building in progress