A Birvidic 650 under construction in Australia

An amateur boatbuilder sets about building a Birvidic 650 in Australia.

The project is progressing well.

02/2023- Cruising yachts

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First sea-trials for Ocean Heart 14’

Fabien LEROUX tested his boat at sea, which will serve as a floating refuge during his next fully autonomous Atlantic Swimming Crossing. Jumping into water, re-boarding and swimming pull were successfully validated.

02/2023- Racing yachts

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ULTRAMARINE Boatbuilders will soon launch the ULTRA 27', a versatile inshore and offshore racing yacht.

ULTRAMARINE Boatbuilders will soon launch the ULTRA 27', a versatile inshore and offshore racing yacht.

12/2022- Racing yachts

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Construction of the “Belle Ti Cayenne 620” begins

TSMG shipyard, 97300 Cayenne, starts the assembly of the BTC 620, an open leisure aluminium hull to sail both at sea and on the river.

10/2022- Powerboats

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New project: AMANDE 70'

Detailed preliminary design of a charter sailing monohull for 30 passengers in the Caribbean Sea.

09/2022- Cruising yachts

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First sea trials for Row Skiff 700

Successful amateur boatbuilding and launching of RS 700, solo oceangoing rowing boat for a revival of races like « Rames Guyane » and « Tour de France à la Rame ». Plywood-epoxy construction.

08/2022- Racing Yachts

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AMARES 865 Fishing launching

Successful launch and trials for the Amarès 865 Game Fishing: over 45 knots with 2x200 HP.


08/2022- Powerboats

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The Bel-Espoir is sailing

The new Bel Espoir is sailing for the 30th anniversary of the Fêtes Maritimes de Brest in July 2022. An exhibition is devoted to him at Ateliers des Capucins.

The interior is currently empty but will be fitted out for next year.


05/2022- Refit

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Launching of UMDC 1100

Launching, testing and official inauguration of the UMDC 1100, a diving catamaran with HB propulsion.


02/2022- Powerboats

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Delivery of a Pirogue 700 in French Guyana
01/2022- Powerboats

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New project: LC 51'

Preliminary project of a racy blue water yacht for a regular participant of Transat solo races.

09/2021- Cruising Yachts

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Project TMB 58

Preliminary project of a long distance catamaran for a couple + guests, designed as a mobile sailing home.

05/2021- Cruising Yachts

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Jet-Boat 300 launched

Launch by Sea-U Experience of the JetBoat 300, a 100% electric RIB, 100% made in France, for rental in recreational areas.

01/2021- Motor boats

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NAUTILE 700 sea trials

Built by Méca-Nautil, the NAUTILE 700 has been launched and tested at sea in La REUNION.


08/2020- Motor boats

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TaxiO winner of « FLOTS 2020 »

In collaboration with Black-Pepper and SRA, we were one of the winners of the “FLOTS 2020” call for projects (Nantes Métropole) for this hybrid water-taxi with wingsail booster.

02/2020- Workboats

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Turning VT33 upside down

VT33 amateur boatbuilder turned his boat right side up.

01/2020- Cruising Yachts

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Rafale 1200 Wide launched

The new Rafale 1200 Wide, a wider and more powerful evolution of the Rafale 1200, has been successfully launched and tested.


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Work in progress on diving catamaran UMDC 1100

Platings connected and hull flipped, ready for deck and coachroof assembly

10/2019 - Motor Boats

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Work in progress for Nautile 700

Construction of Nautile 700 is underway in Saint Denis de la Réunion by Meca Nautile. 

This is a version of Coryphène 22 adapted to La Reunion Island customers.

Bracket for 1 OB 200 cv or for 2x OB 60 cv.

Meca Nautile Shipyard

09/2019- Powerboats

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Onboard Birvidic 500

Sea trials in Brittany onboard Birvidic 500 "Up & Down" masterfully built by T. Brisset, amateur boatbuilder.

We enjoy the soft helm in all situations and the large amount of room in the cockpit.

08/2019- Cruising yachts

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A journey onboard Birvidic 700

We sailed onboard the Birvidic 700 "Zephir" in Golfe du Morbihan this summer.

During this windy day (15/18 TWS) we reach 6/7 knts upwind and +10 knts with spinnaker up.

08/2019- Cruising yachts

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Launching of the Bel Espoir’s new hull

The new hull of Bel Espoir built by Piriou shipyard for AJD association of father Jaouen  was launched in Monday 6 May 2019. This new steel hull, whose the construction began last october, is the first step of Bel Espoir’s the renaissance. The schooner will be still under construction during two years.

Video of launching

05/2019- Refit

Amarès 865 New design

All purpose open boat for Amares shipyard

04/2019 - Powerboats

Haute Mer 1200 New design

With Bord à Bord Shipyard, we answer to Phares et Balises tender for supplying a workboat to Bastia station.

The Haute Mer 1200 is appropriate for this program and other uses could be :  crewboat, supply, pilot boat, coast guard, harbour boat, etc. 


04/2019 - Workboats

Launching of Legend

This electric boat is designed to welcome up to 9 persons on board including one person with reduced mobility. 

Shipyard :  Ruban Bleu

02/2019 - Powerboats

Launching of ULTRA 40 #3
01/2019 - Racing yachts

Launching of ULTRA 40 #2
09/2018 - Racing Yachts

Launching of Birvidic 500

Trailer day-cruiser with ballasted centreboard.

07/2018 - Cruising Yachts

LCC 40 winner !

Mickaël Colin’s LCC 40 Sinequanon wins first leg of Tresco Trophée 2018 in real time and corrected time :  article

06/2018 – Racing yachts

13th place of Transquadra 2017/2018 for Mistral 950 !

La Souris Mermon’s crew (Jean-Paul LE BRETON et Franck AUSSEDAT) crossed the finish line in 13th place of Transquadra 2017/2018, and in 1st of boat under 10m:  video

02/2018 – Racing yachts

Launching of Amarès 570

All purpose center console boat.

Shipyard : Amarès

11/2017 - Powerboats

Launching of ULTRA 40 #1

Answer to Indian Navy tender for 4 naval personnel training Ocean sailing boats.

During the delivery journey to GOA, the crew reached top speeds of 15 knots : video

In accordance with Class40 rules.

Shipyard : UltraMarine

11/2017 – Racing Yachts

Launching of Hermine 36 Biloup

Congratulation to Martin and Nathalie from Laval in Canada for amateur built of Biloup, Twin-keel Hermine 36.

Looking at their Facebook page, they enjoy it : Voilier Biloup

08/2017 – Cruising Yachts

Launching of Birvidc 700

First navigation in Morbihan golf.

We enjoys the finesse of the steering and the efficiency on and the efficiency on close-hauled.

At bread reach, the boat is sailing all by itself without ever broach, with volumiuous bow.

BS Compositre shipyard construction.

07/2017 – Cruising yachts

Launching of Coryphène 20

All purpose center console boat.

Shipyard : Amarès

03/2017 - Powerboats

Launching of Survex 860

MESURIS’s bathymetric survey ship.

Shipyard : Bord à Bord 

11/2016 - Workboats

IceMint 40’ new design, in collaboration with David RAISON

Commisionned by an ex-Mini 650 skipper, IceMint 40' is a blue water aluminium fast cruiser, designed to help 6 crew to discover remote mooring areas.

David RAISON and François LUCAS combine their expert knowledge for performances under sail and comfort at sea.

Work in progress at Mint Yachts shipyard

02/2016- Cruising yachts

Imminent launching of BIRVIDIC 700

The Birvidic 700 is next to completion at BS Composite

Pure centerboarder trailer-cruiser with traditionnal look.

Plywood-epoxy construction with CNC kit.

01/2016- Cruising yachts

STEREDENN 570 new multi-purpose runabout

Work in progress for all-purpose runabout STEREDENN 570 by an amateur homebuilder, starting from a complete aluminium CNC kit.

01/2016- Powerboats

ASuivre 550, the winning Micro

Start of construction of a ASuivre 550 (Follow me 550….), high-tech Micro cupper, designed with one goal in mind: the win !

The result is a weapon 2 times more powerful than a classic Micro cupper.

Follow us during next Micro events.

Plywood-epoxy construction starting from CNC kit.

01/2016- Racing yachts

Survey launch SURVEX 860 under construction

Work in progress at Bord à Bord shipyard for SURVEX 860, MESURIS new hydrographic survey launch.

01/2016- Workboats

VT 33 start of building

Pascal Doin, who previously built the LC40 n°31 with is own hands today began building a family but equally exhilarating sailboat.

Plywood-epoxy construction for the hull and glass-epoxy sandwich for the deck.

12/2015-Cruising yachts

Work in progress for CK 64

Start of construction in Tunisia of a 19.60 m sailing catamaran dedicated to scuba diving trips.

Construction in Sealium with composite coach roof to reduce weight .

To simplify sails handling and to reduce stresses in the structure, the rig is a twin soft wing sails on self-standing masts, Matin-Bleu’s style.

12/2015- Cruising yachts

AVENTURIN 51' is now sailing

After 12 years of hard work, Aventurin 51' (growing to 55' with her transom platform) is now sailing.

This ULPC (Ultra Light Pure Centerboarder) speed along at +16 knts when the wind picks up.

A great reward for his courageous and talented amateur homebuilder.

12/2015- Cruising yachts

A journey onboard MERCATOR 105.2

Sea trials onboard Mercator 105.2. Built since 5 years, we finally had the opportunity to test her under sails. 

Despite her important volume and her shallow draft, she performs pretty well under sails : 9 knts at reaching with 18 knts TWS and 6/7 knts upwind. Thanks to her hight freeboard, she is very comforting and we never became wet from the spray.

Inside accomodations are very comfortable and panoramic vision allows to look around from chart table.

10/2015-Cruising yachts

CORYPHENE 760 new design

CORYPHENE 760, all-purpose runabout : diving, passengers, fun.

08/2015 - Powerboats

A second MiniCP hit the water

Launching and sea trials in Quiberon for MiniCP 805, remarkably well-builded by Loeïz RIO.

Right from the start, she glide at 10 knts with 12 knts TWS.

06/2015 - Racing yachts

2 Haute Mer 950 launched

Sea trials of 2 workboats Haute Mer 950 CREW and SUPPLY, based of the same steady and comfortable hull design.

The « diamond shaped » bow provides efficient seaworthiness at high speeds.  SUPPLY version can carry up to 3,7t of deck cargo, CREW version for 21 pax maxand  reach 24 knts loaded.

Meticulous construction by Bord à Bord shipyard.



Birvidic 500 work in progress by an amateur homebuilder.

Sport-boat, self-righting thanks to ballasted centerboard. Trailerable.

Plywood-epoxy construction with CNC kit.

10/2014 Cruising Yachts


Work in progress at 3d-MAUSSION shipyard for Diam 18


Rafale 950 IB-Jet sea trials

Sea trials at Sillinger for Rafale 1200 little sister, the 950.

Powered with 2 x IB-Jet of 370 cv, she runs up to 45 knts.

See video

Ref : 08/2014-Workboats

Launching of the 2nd MISTRAL 950

First sail for Dionis Spiney’s Mistral 950 in St Petersburg (Russia).

Congratulations for his great work done in rought climatic conditions and with difficulty in obtaining basic supplies.

08/2014 Racing yachts

Survey launches trials
ALUMARINE shipyard performs sea trials of 2 hydrographic launches designed for Congo river survey.
06 - 2013 Workboats

A new MISTRAL 950 in progress

Dionis SPINEY, St Petersburg, is building a new MISTRAL 950.
Hull is already overturned.

10-2012 Racing Yachts

LC40 hit the water in MOSCOW

Den VAKAR and his team at OSTYACHT Shipyard launch his Class 40 LC40.
Mast and rig will be set in spring.

09-2012 Racing Yachts

OCEAN 35 at Grand Pavois Boatshow

OCEAN 35 unveiled during Grand Pavois Boatshow at La Rochelle.
" Huge width, big draught, lightweight, weight centering: this make Ocean 35 a planning yacht, reliable and always fast"

09-2012 Cruising Yachts

SILLINGER 1200 extensively tested

Intense sea trials for multipurpose RIB SILLINGER 1200. See video: here

02-2012 Workboats

SEAFRET 35 project
Engineering design for SEAFRET 35 Saliing Cargo Ship intended for inter-coastal shipping in the Caribbean. Project consistency allows significant energy savings. Project supported at 70% by ADEME and FEDER funds
12-2011 Workboat

MiniCP first sail

MiniCP first sail and first surf in north of France. "She is very pleasant and fast, well balanced. I can get back the same feeling as on my previous full carbon mini" skipper/builder said.

10-2011 Racing Yachts

Jxx38' sea trials
Launch and succesfull sea trials for trawler catamaran Jxx 38'.
08 - 2011 Motorboats

MISTRAL 950 first sail

Launching and first sail for MISTRAL 950 during 2 weeks family cruising.
Roomy, bright and airy inside accomodations are really designed for cruising programm. The lifting keel enable to moor everywhere.
Deep ballast and XXL sail area give her the astonishing performances of Classe950s: sharp and light, they are very pleasant to steer.


08-2010 Racing yachts

First sail for TP44

First sail for TP44: she loves strong winds and sail by oneself at 7/8 knts upwind.
Reaching is her favourite way to sail, averaging at 9/10 knts.
Helm is smooth and hyper-efficient
Great comfort inside with 360° view when sitting at chart table.

03-2010 Cruising Yachts

LCC 40' hit the water!

Launching and first sail for LCC 40' "Sinequanon".
After 9 years (!) of work, her builder could taste the pleasure of first sailing: "A real Citroën DS: fluidity, power, comfort, speed".
This skilled homebuilder (no more an "amateur" now) built her just like an experienced shipyard.

10-2009 Racing Yachts

Hermine 51' Kauana first sail

Top speed of 12 knots during first sail trial for this offshore long passage pure centerboarder.

10-2009 Cruising Yachts

TenderFish 28'

Birth of Tenderfish 28' a new fishing motorboat build by Black Pepper.
Designed for max speed in rough seas.

02-2009 Powerboats

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